Friday, August 2, 2013

Radons and Mounts Reunite

The Radon's are here!  The Radon's are here!  
Cameron is finally reunited with one of his best friends from high school, Josh Radon. 
They hadn't seen each other in over 6 years, and though they have a weekly podcast that they do together, seeing each other in person was so much greater than just hearing each others voices.
 Just like ol times!

We jammed a lot into just 5 days.  It was the Radon's first time to the dirty South so we had to do it right. 
Stone Mountain rockin Southern laser show:
The Varsity:
Olympic Park:

Feeding the ducks:
Lake time:
Wild Animal Safari:
 What is a reunion without pinball?
 Braves Game:
It was a great visit.  We did a lot, and had a lot of fun with them and their darling little girl, Paige. 

Here is a little blast from the past with these two:

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