Friday, August 2, 2013

Hernia No More

 Since Sydney had met her deductible for the year with her broken arm a few months ago, we finally decided to go ahead and do her hernia surgery.  They told us when she was born that if it wasn’t gone by the time she was 5 years old, that she would need to have surgery on it. I was always hesitant to put her under anesthesia, but since she did it with her broken arm, my worry had greatly subsided. The timing seemed meant to be.  We decided to do it this summer before school got back in.  She was a trooper through it all.  We went in at 6 am and she was in surgery around 7.  The surgery lasted about an hour and then I sat with her for a while as her pain meds wore off and she became stable.  We have learned the hard way that Sydney doesn’t respond well to medications.  She is a screamer when she feels something is not right, pain or no pain, she does not like the drunk/drugged up feeling.  (Lets hope that remains for her future lol).  This surgery also took place right after I was told to not lift due to my pregnancy complication.  That was out the windew within the first 5 minutes home when I realized I was coming to have to carry Sydney to the bathroom and her bed over and over again throughout the next few days.  Ugh.  So much for Doctors orders!  Syd stayed home and rested a few days but was good as new when she decided to start moving again.

Here she is pre surgury right before she was about to go in.  The gave her something to cure the separation anxiety that was about to happen when they took her away.
 Here she is after:  Look at the cutie booties they put on her octopus. So sweet. 
Here is her belly about 5 days after:

Since coming home, Sydney's new favorite thing to play is Doctor.  She has all the gear, thanks to the hospital staff, and she knows just how to do it.  The only hiccup is that she wants to be a "boy" Doctor.  I keep telling her she can be a girl Dr. but since every doctor that has worked with her in the last 2 years has been a man, she doesn't quite believe me. she is constantly wanting to cut her hair off, and wanting to look like daddy.  We had a talk about it one afternoon about the differences between boys and girls and her response was, "well i can grow a penis mommy".  Lol.  It was sweet, but I have been wanting her to find the joy in being female and not feel as though only males get to have all the fun...(by being a Dr. that is)  So, I looked some stuff up and wallah...I found Dr. McStuffins on the Disney channel!  It's a show about a female Dr, not only that, she is a minority as well.  I was stoked and it is now Sydney's favorite show.  She no longer talks about being a "boy" Dr. Wahoo!  She wants to be a "Doctor Sydney"!

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