Friday, August 2, 2013

Cow Appreciation Day

So I woke up one morning and read on Facebook that it was cow appreciation day at Chick Fil A.  This means that if you dress up like a cow head to tow, than you get a free meal.  Any meal on the menu! If you know me, I never pass up a free anything, so IT WAS ON.  I rummaged through Dylan’s closet and found some old undershirts that were perfect.  It would have been hysterical had I gone up to the attic and pulled out my old cow costume, but I don’t know that I wanted to be that bold on the first time. I decided to go along with the kids and decorate my own undershirt for the event.  They came out great and it made for a fun morning and afternoon activity.Looks like we have a new tradition!
  Look at my little calves:

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