Friday, August 2, 2013

Mount Summer in Georgia

Living the life...
then come the smores...and kids:
Swimming at the J Mounts house:

Girls day shopping, boys day bowling, family night at Five Guys:
Rainny day at the church!  Glow sticks and flying children:
Fourth of July festivities:
Worm digging (for siching of course) and science experiments:
And fireworks of course!

Family movie time:
Rain doesn't keep us from swimming!
Magic at the Amphitheater:

Temple days:  
Day 1: Baptisms, Confirmations, and Initiatives for grandma Minnie Stoddart and others (The teenagers did most of the work!)
Day 2:  All the adults with all different family names. Minnie received her endowments, and Elaine was sealed to her parents.  Conner also received his endowments.  
This was one of the most spiritual experiences that I had at the temple.  During the sealing of Elaine to her parents, I was moved and felt a deep gratitude to my parents.  It was a very memorable and unique experience, one that I needed desperately. 
After temple celebration at PF Changs:

Story time:

 Fourth of July Parade:
 Bouncy house fun:
Misc Lake Fun:

Two pees in a pod:
Six Flags:

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