Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving came and went and I do not have a whole lot to show for it, except for a few extra lbs of course.  This year we went to The Mounts (Heidi and Jason's) and it was probably the BEST Thanksgiving we have ever had in GA...and that is saying A LOT!  The kids were all so well behaved,  and it was so much more peaceful than was amazing!  The adults all were able to sit at a table together, At Heidi's beautiful table with beautiful China, and NO KIDS!  It was wonderful!  The kids had their own table in the other room and really enjoyed their selves as well.  I love having cousins around!  (That was my favorite part about thanksgiving growing up)

Every night during the month of November we as a family talk about what we are grateful for...this year we decided to make a gratitude tree.  I think this will be our new yearly tradition!

 The Table looks just as good as the food!  Beautiful!
A little Black Friday shopping with my baby girl.  I came home with a bag in my hand about a month ago and she said, "did you get something for me?" Then proceeded to pull our a couple of clothing items talking about how "cute" they were.  I wanted to take her out and let her have fun picking things out with me on black Friday.  It was super fun! I love that she is starting enjoy things like that and is forming her own opinions.  

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