Sunday, December 9, 2012


Sydney was voted SUPER LION at Central Elementary School! 
Every other month or so each teacher nominates two students to be recognized in the classroom. One for Learning Lion and one for Super Lion.  Dylan just received his first award last month for Learning Lion which pretty much is for exemplary learning and participation.  
A Super Lion however, is one of the greatest honors that a student can receive because a Super Lion is a student that is well behaved and shows respect and concern for self and others.  Both are great honors and I am so proud of my kids!  

(Sydney was the second student in her class to get this...and in her first year of school! She is so obedient and loves her teachers and her class so much!)

Here she is shaking the principals hand.  She did great!
 Mrs. Casey (her teacher), actually showed up to the meeting just for Sydney.  Can you believe that!? The teachers generally do not come because it is during the evening, but she did just so she could walk Syd up to  receive her award.  Could We have been any more lucky with this teacher!?  NOPE!  I am so amazed and grateful for all that she does.

Here is just a pic of Syd being "silly".  She likes to get blocks and toys and put them in her however she took all of the corn kernels from the sandbox and stuffed her whole body...she definitely is a silly girl!

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