Monday, November 26, 2012


 I have decided to boycott bedtime.

After an hour and a half of kids getting up and down, crying, yelling, growling, and wanting this and that, I have officially locked myself into another room before I physically hurt one of my children. Oh wait, I forgot, Dylan actually called me a monster.  For real!  I made him do his HW and sleep in another room. Clearly, I am a horrible person. 

 I thought this was supposed to get easier, but now instead of a baby, I have three walking and talking children...IT IS SO HARD!  They have attitudes, and opinions, and VOCAL CHORDS! I don't write this to complain, but as a way to vent and clear my mind.  It makes me feel good that my children will read this one day (hopefully when they have their own children) and see what they did to me...and what their kids (as kids) will do to them.  This is normal right?

Yes.  Yes it is.

Whew...that feels better.  I probably should go and do something about the painful cry that I hear...I am sure somebody ran into a table and is going to need stitches...

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