Sunday, December 9, 2012


I finally have reached my picture limit with this blog L, and I have to delete a lot in order to put new ones up.  This is sad for me, but I have backed everything up and have printed books of my blogs, so I am not worried.  It’s a tad sad though because I can’t flip back as easily to when my kids were so little and compare their milestones with one another.  Lame Blog site!

Oh well.  It’s a milestone for me because it is proof that I have really kept up with this family history.  Yay me!

On a similar milestone note, Macey Jane Mount is Potty trained!  Yup, you heard it!  My last baby is done with diapers!  I still can’t believe it.  After almost 7 years of diapers, I AM DONE!  She is completely potty trained…even at night!  She screams bloody murder if you even attempt to put on a pull up or diaper.  It is insane.  She is STUBBORN!  But it’s a good thing...I think.  J    

Anyway, I think I have to have a party.  I AM FREE FROM DIAPERS!  FREE AT LAST! 

Ok I think I might cry…look at this big girl!  

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