Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dylan Is Awesome.

I find that the timing of Dylan’s apparent name change (see last post), couldn't have been more perfect.  Dylan woke up a few days ago and decided that he was going to start his own clothing line.  T-shirts to be exact.  The name for his company is still up for debate:  D.I.A. clothing or Shark Shirts (both of which he came up with). 

When talking about what kind of shirts Dylan wanted to make, we talked about the importance of being creative and making something that nobody else has ever made; Something that people will want that they can’t get anywhere else.  He immediately said, “I know what I am going to do!”  About 60 minutes later he came up with a design and an idea.  Sharks!  “I want to be all about sharks” he said.  “I want to make a shark shirt for all of the holidays and all of my exploratories” (Exploratories are the “electives” of elementary school such as music, P.E., art, and Computer Lab).

Here are the first designs of what hopes to be MANY!  I was too proud not to share.  Let remind you that he is only 6! 
Dylan used brown pastel with pen on the frames because, "the frames are really old from a sunk ship so it has to look really rough and old, like they are about to fall apart". 

Computer Lab:
I want to point out in this picture in particular, the amazing perspective.  I was telling Cameron that I couldn't have done this at least until I was in 7th or 8th grade, to which he responded, "I still can't do that!" Take a  look in the slats of the chair and you see the shark fin on the back, and the fin (hand) on the left (as if he is typing).  He drew it as if he were looking at it head on!  What kid does that? He also even included the desk in between the slats...he had three things included in that tiny space, all of which were accurate!  I am still so impressed. He even used pastels, pencil and crayon for different textures.  Amazing and hilarious.

If these aren't creative, I don't know what is.

Dylan's recent story that he brought home:

One Day a big flash of light went speeding through a town called Nerd.  It stopped.  A man named Candy Corn Man...
was standing on a tower.  He dived off of it (notice the correct spelling of off!).  People saw him.  He flew!  (Notice the correct usage of exclamation!) He saw a ogre with a kid! He shot a speed of light.
He hit the ogre.  The ogre died.  Candy Corn Man and the kids lived happily ever after.

 Here was the pic accompanying the story:

Lastly, I had to include Dylan's Pumpkin from school. He made a mummy skeleton pumpkin.  He took out his body book (since he is still obsessed with bodies...and fetuses (but that is for another story)) and traced the ribs so that they could be perfect.  Looks pretty good eh?

I know I am biased, but I really have to say, that the name D.I.A. is mother approved. I couldn't have picked a better name for this kid if I had tried.  By the way, I think I have the perfect gifts for Christmas this year ;)

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coco said...

So, can I order a D.I.A. shark shirt? I love his creativity! xoxo Dyl