Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fuzzball the Hamster

The kids got a new pet!
Fuzzball the hamster was the new addition to the Mount family this summer.  Olivia's hamsters had babies and so Fuzzball was given to us.  After about 36 hours, and a trip to buy the cage, Fuzzball was dead.  
Here is the story: 
I heard Sydney crying for Fuzzball in her room.  (The kids are not allowed to take him out of the cage, but lets be honest, when did anyone expect that that rule to be obeyed?) I went in and she was reaching up saying, where is Fuzzball?  I look around and of course, he is not in his cage and is know where to be scene.    I asked her what she did with him to which she responded happily, "I squeezed it and punched it, (and with even more excitement outta of her voice) I threw it!" Hum.  I look to where she is pointing and sure enough, there is Fuzzball, dead, between the dresser and the wall.  Sydney killed the poor little dude.  

So what did we do that very night after Fuzzball had been murdered?  Went and bought a new one of course.  His name was Stripeball.  About a month after Stripeball was brought into our family, Olivia gave us her big cage, and her hamster Bowie (we named him that after watching the Labyrinth with Dylan).  So now we have two new pets and they are still alive!  (Even after being lost 2 times overnight!  There is nothing like be woken up at 2 am to Marley (our dog) slamming into Sydney's door only to find that the said lost hamster was behind it! YES!)

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