Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Vacation

19 days that the kids were out of school for Christmas Vacation.  Just thinking about it gives me hives

1 amazing neighbor named Gracie moved in next door and plays with Dylan outside EVERYDAY.  She is a life saver! She is 11, but she loves Dylan, and loves having someone to play with everyday. They get off the bus together, run to their homes to get a snack and drop off bags,  and then they are outside until dark.  I love it!  He is such a big boy!
2 is for the amount of swings that Dylan and Gracie built together.  They found a tire in the woods and made a tire swing hanging from our front deck.  They later decided to hang a swing from our back deck and I must say, it is pretty awesome.  Even I enjoy playing on it!

4 is for the amount of times that Dylan reappeared during in his magic trick:

and also for the number of times I found Sydney asleep on my closet floor. (Anything to help her go to sleep, but can she quit hiding!?)

We enjoyed  celebrating the New Year with a bunch of friends at Lisa Anderson's home.  The kids all stayed up past midnight (thanks to the naps we forced that day) and they were great!  It was super fun! I am excited to see what 2012 brings to our family!

 I am so glad break is over, but we sure had a lot fun!

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عزيز النفس said...

silly Sydney....so adorable..huhh