Sunday, January 1, 2012


Yes we are Mormon, but we too are people.  And as people we sometimes on occasion let our mouths fly.  I usually do it when I get hurt…it’s just an instinct.  Should I mention it has happened twice on two separate occasions at church events?  (A church volleyball game where I came down on my ankle, and softball game where I got clocked in the back with a ball. Painful? Yes. Hilarious? Oh yes. Embarrassing?  Maybe had the people not known me, but I am one that doesn’t really apologize for that sort of thing…so it was fine)  Anyway, in the last two days these events have happened which has caused us to really sit down and decide to crack down on our potty mouths:

1.  I was cooking over the stove and the grease popped up and got my arm. I immediately yelled "shit" while all three of my kids were sitting behind me at the dinner table ready for their meal to be served.  Great! They all looked a bit shocked as to what just happened then Macey (my 19 month old) quickly and loudly says "shit" and then started laughing. It was priceless. It still makes me chuckle just seeing her face as she said it.  

2.  Yesterday on the way a New Years Eve Party, Dylan says in the back seat, "what the hell is that?"  I immediately turn to Cameron who is driving with a look of, "did he really just say that?" Cameron kinda made a face but didn't say anything (apparently praying that Dylan wouldn’t say what he was about to say).  I preceded to then ask Dylan where he had heard that saying and thinking it was from school or the bus and he says, "I heard it today on the game daddy was playing, but don't worry, I am sorry, I know it's a bad word. Are you mad at me mommy?"  I answer, "No Dylan, it's not you I am mad at” glaring at Cameron who knew from the beginning that he was in the dog house.  He just started laughing.  What a punk!  Ugh...I tell you, those video games are NO GOOD!  We have a deal that he can't play them while the kids are awake...BUT…I took a nap yesterday…

I clearly don't pretend to be one of those people who have it all together. I think it is unhealthy and the cause of many insecurities in our culture (especially our religious one).   But I would like to think that that those people who seem to have their perfect little lives with their perfect little children sometimes let their mouths fly, and sometimes, just sometimes find the humor in it.  Oh what I would pay to see one of these perfect little women just spout out some profanities…both for their sake and mine.

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