Thursday, February 24, 2011


Atlanta ZOO! This is the first time that Daddy has gone to the zoo with the family, so I had to capture every moment :) (I go often with my girlfriend, but the pass we bought is only for 1 adult and 4 kids. Sorry Cam.)

After a long winter, the sun and warmth came out last weekend and we were able to go to the zoo, with the rest of Atlanta. It was CROWDED to say the least! Note to self: do not go to the zoo the first nice day of the season.
We had a good time none the less and here is the proof:
Macers is still such an easy baby. We can tow her anywhere!
Daddy and the girls. I LOVE it!
The kangaroos are a favorite. Lsst time we went the baby was in the mothers cool is that!?
The Atlanta Zoo train ride might possibly be the worst zoo train in the US. It is horrible! Don't waste your money (even though we do EVERY time). You go through a couple of tunnels, see 3 animals and then you are done, (but Dylan loves trains, and so we do it EVERY time we go...the things we do for our kids...)

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