Friday, February 18, 2011

Dylan turns 5!

Dylan turned 5 this year and what better way to celebrate than with a Star Wars party!?

Logan came as the older cousin (who has star wars sleepovers with Dylan) dressed as Darth Vader to fight the kids and to welcome them to the party. What a guy! He was so great!

The first line of business at this party was Jedi training. Cameron would show a clip from the movie before each training session. This is how it went:

First off was the sarlack pit. (I will fill this in when Cameron tells me what the pit was called)
The kids had to reach down and grab their own light saber from the (stocking covered) tentacles in the pit. Scary stuff!

Next off was the droid game. The kids had to use their lights sabers to keep the balloons off the
Next came the obstacle course. We had to have the smoke machine set up of course (so daddy had to play a few of his rock band songs to get the fog machine up and running). The kids had to walk into the foggy course and make their way through. Notice their light sabers even lit up. Awesome!
The kids had to crawl through the sewege, up over the lava, into the balls of fire, down the slide, through the quick treadmill into the bed of bugs only to flip off the rocks in the end. It was intense. Dylan had to do all of this with Yoda on his back (just like in the movie). Daddy was so proud.
Next came Yoda's time to talk about the force. He had a little puppet show under Dylan's loft bed. "The force you will use to destroy Vader"
Next came time to use the force...the kids were asked with the impossible task of opening the garage, without touching the button. They all looked back to make sure we weren't touching the button...(I had a remote in my hand). When the door went up little Kennedy turned to her mom and said, "Ohhh mommy I have powers!"

When the door went up, there was Darth Vader waiting to be defeated by these newly trained Jedi's. It was awesome.

We were going to end with a pinata of the Death star so that the Kids could say they defeated the death star, but we were tired and didn't find time to make it this year.

We ended with the moon bounce and some cake. This year I made an R2DD2 cake. Rockin!

I hope Dylan remembers how cool this party was because I am pretty sure we will never be able to top it. It was a great day!


Kristine Pratt said...

You are the most awesome parents ever! You will definitely have the cool house! You are so creative!

g-ma-ma said...

I feel so bad that I didn't ever give Cameron and great Star Wars party like can I get over this???