Sunday, March 8, 2009


Dylan mimics everything these days, and here he is getting ready to shave with his daddy. I couldn't resist taking this pic. I love my boys!Sydney won't go anywhere without her frog. For that reason we are on the lookout for where it disappeared to. Anyone have any ideas? I don't know why she loves it so much, but it always seems to calm her down when she is going crazy (usually at 3 in the morning). If anyone knows where to get another one quick let me know!Yesterday our family went to Newnan to pick up my car from the shop, woohoo! While in town, we found a fun little toy shop that we spent hours in. Now, I am not one to promote new things, but this toy that we found really struck us as something unique, educational and fun. My first thought was that this could be as educationally as important as legos, and I had to show Amir (my brother in law). He once told me so matter of factly, that the best toy to educate with is legos, and that I should have no need for any other toy in my house other than these LEGOS. This toy he said, can do it all, teach kids how to create, problem solve, etc. At the time I kind of just laughed and thought yeah, it probably is a great toy, but you don't have to be so dramatic about it. But, over the years, I have come to realize that really truly, Legos are probably the greatest toy invention there has ever been...He was right! :) And now I think I have found something that compares.

"Early childhood age kids are stimulated with the endless ways that WEDGITS™ can stack and nest together. Pre-school kids quickly learn the relationships between horizontal and vertical. Elementary aged kids create everything from lifelike creatures, to futuristic space-craft...WEDGITS™ are for the whole family...creating together offers a new challenge in group participation. WEDGITS™ offer endless hours of creative challenge and entertaining fun. Educators label this product as a manipulative masterpiece for stretching the cognitive thinking process."


g-ma-ma said...

Your plea for another froggy reminds me of the "Busy Bee" in Best in Show. Good Luck!!! I'll be on the lookout for froggy---maybe it's at Ali's house!!!! :)
(Should I buy some stock in Wedgits??)

coco said...

No should buy some Wedgets! Duh ;o)

about Mr. reminds me of DD's Monkey- didn't he call it his bear? I was lucky enough to find 2 extra bears! I'll see if that blanket lady has any froggies.

Britney said...

haha, I was telling Cameron its a shame that I didn't ask whoever gave it to me where they got the frog, because she is seriously addicted to this thing. (I was so grateful when you found more of D's was a lifesaver). We found the frog at Alis house, and since then she has not put it down. I need to find another one like it, i have been searching all morning. Urgh!