Sunday, November 2, 2008

Big Jims Birthday

Happy Birthday Big Jim! WE LOVE YOU!

We have had so much with G-mama and G-papa since they have moved out here. It feels like a never ending joke! It has been amazing! One of the greatest perks about having them here is that we get to have big birthday parties together. I love living close to family! I don't know if we can ever move away from this...looks like ya'll need to start coming out here. Just ask Jason to find you a job! :)

Enjoy the pics! Sydney started crawling last week. I hate when they start moving everywhere, it is so hard to keep track of them, especially in church.

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coco said...

Hey I have an idea--why don't you get your kids into commercials? Not kidding. They are gorgeous and smart and charming. Do it, a bunch of my students are doing it (everyone's doing it!!!)
Seriously, Sydney is killing me with her eyes and locks of love!