Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Team Volleyball

We won!!! The Mount clan was in a city league this year and needless to say, we dominated. Last night were the finals and we kicked butt. We finally found a team that could hold their own against us (they are the ones up front). Tonight we play in an all-star match which should be interesting (the league put to together the best players to go up against us). It is going to be fun but I am not all that sure that we will come out on top. Wish us luck!

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Trisha said...

Why am I not surprised that the Mounts are dominating? I miss the good ol' BYU days watching the boys play!

I haven't gotten around to commenting in a long time, but I have to back up for a sec. Dylan is so cute singing songs and reading books. What a smarty-pants. I think he would have fun with Macie.

Your little girl is so darling! She looks nothing like the rest of you (at least in the blog pictures) with her dark curly hair. I wish we could meet her! I love seeing pictures of your family and am so sad that we live so far away!