Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is finally over and I have so many cute pictures to show for it! This year Halloween literally lasted three days and as much as I loved it, I can honestly say that am glad it is finally over. On Wednesday we began by celebrating at church with the yearly Halloween party. It was one of the best that I have ever been to. We had a chili cook off which was so yummy and there were so many people from the community who came out. It was awesome. I did neglect to wear the torch costume that everyone was talking about (I really didn't feel like winning the best homemade awrad for the night). The night ended with trunk-or-treating in the parking lot and Dylan came home with a bucket and dads pockets full of candy. He picked up right where he left off last year and went as fast as he could to get more candy. All he was thinking was "get candy, get candy, get candy".-Seinfeld
The next day, I went out with a friend of mine Tia to the city square where they closed down all the streets and had trick or treating for the kids. This lasted ALL day and was a blast. They had games, and blow up bouncy houses. Dylan was once again in heaven. Candy, toys, princesses...what more could a kid ask for?

Come friday when we asked Dylan to get his costume on he was a bit hesitant because he was so over it. He wouldn't even budge with the candy bribe. It was unbelievable. Who knew candy could get old to a 2 year old? Ali would have been so dissapointed :). Eventually we got it on him by reminding him that tonight was the last time he could go trick-or-treating for a long time. After we put it on he said, "pink my face mommy" (for paint my face)..too cute. We went to Heidi's house for our yearly gross dinner that consisted of brains, frog eye, moldy biscuits, and witches stew. After dinner it was time to trick or treat. WOOHOO! We had practiced all week, Dylan would knock on my bathroom door and say trick or treat all week to gear up for this event. It was very cute. So off the kids went and just like last year, it brought tears to my eyes. That very first moment watching Dylan run as fast as he can behind his cousins gets me every time. He is growing up so fast, and I just love him so much. it is truly amazing how nothing is greater than watching your child get so completely happy and excited over something. I love it, and I am so blessed to me a mother.
So, for the first 10 houses the kids ran nonstop, and Dylan running his little legs off was way behind the whole time. It was funny how it never phased him to be so behind and he continued to trip on the grass spilling over his bucket EVERY TIME. He never complained or cried, just stood up time and time again running just as fast as before just to get that candy. We did use Heidi's golf cart along with my friend Tracies who came with us (sorry we didn't get any good pics). When we were really behind, Heidi would pick us up and bring us back to everyone. There also was the yearly hayride that they have that drives around the neighborhood bringing people to and from different places (It is just a trailer hooked on to a truck with hay stacks on it). Dylan loved that and once he was on it, he really didn't want to get off. Overall it was a successful night, and Dylan once again had a blast. Today he asked if we could go trick or treating in his lion costume from last year. Poor guy, he has to wait another entire year.
So here are the costumes. We didn't really do much for Sydney since it has been so cold and she would be in a blanket the entire night. We decided that she would just do her hair and be Cindy Lou Who. Perfect for the Cat and the hats sister don't ya think?


coco said...

Wow-what a whirlwind! You're the best mommmy! I know I would be just like you, getting all emotional if I saw him running down the block to keep up with his cousins. He is really growing up--too cute for words. Thanks for the great pics and commentary, it's almost like I was there (almost ;o)

Katie said...

So cute! After reading it, it made me realize how fast Lucas is going to grow up too and I got all sad but at the same time, I can't wait until he's running around and saying all kinds of cute things like Dylan. Pink my dang cute! Miss you guys!!