Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Baby Girl


Sydney is 6 months old! She is growing up so fast! I know a few of you have been wanting some video of her so here you go. Today after we got out of the bath she was in a giggly mood so I thought it would be fun to get her on video. Look at what a cutie chunk she is. "I just love her so-o-o-o-o mu-u-u-u-ch!"...what movie?


coco said...

Movie? Raising Arizona of course....a movie that should be watched with Shar. Now on to Syd. She is so funny how she laughs w/ her tongue and I love her little under arm roll. Dylan sounds very proud that his baby is laughing!

GO SYDNEY! Keep posting those videos-they bring me joy, girl!

Katie said...

Oh man! So dang cute!!!

coco said...

P.S.- I told this to Cameron, but you scare me w/ your skinniness Brit!

Allan said...

awwww love the video of sydney! Can't wait for her and Hayden to play together!