Thursday, October 16, 2008

The luckiest!

Ok so I have to brag about my husband once again. I have been feeling a bit down lately, tired of kids, tired of the economy, tired of monotony, and really, just tired of life. It seems that there is so much sadness these days. I have so many close friends and family members experiencing so much pain these days, and it is just hard to bear. Things just seem so gloomy, you know? So anyway, Cameron, being the guy that he is, came home two nights ago with a big smile only to say that we needed to get the kids to bed because he had something planned for us. Oh great I think, what does that mean? Is this going to be another rock band night for my benefit? :) Anyway, he proceeded to take me downstairs and tell me about this game that he made up while he was at work. He had made this card of tabs 1-10 and I had to spin the wheel to pick a number. Whatever number it landed on we had to do what it said for 7 min, and ONLY 7 min...he even had a timer. (7 being the lucky number since we have been married for 7 years.) We also could only talk about marriage stuff...whatever the number was that I spun was the number or year in our marriage that we could talk about (mostly our favorite things that had happened during that year of our marriage). Anyway, it was very sweet and just to give you an idea of what some of the activities were, one was to lay outside in the hammock together, one was to paint a picture of our future, which was so awesome and inspiring to think about. (Neither of us can paint, but we tried to humor each other with it.) Another was that we had to randomly choose a word out of the dictionary and give it to the other person who had to write a poem in 7 min ending with that word. Cameron's word was nestle, and mine was blight. How appropriate right? :) It was just a very sweet and romantic thing for him to do, and I love him so much for those moments that he creates in our marriage. He is so much fun and yet such a romantic...what a perfect mix! I love you sweetness!


Cameron said...

Wow, he sounds so thoughtful, and sexy! You'd better hold onto him, because I'm sure there are countless women out there that would snatch him up in a second. You should think of some elaborate and expensive way to reward him for being so wonderful.

Katie said...

OMG! I'm sending this blog to Hani to give him a major hint. It's amazing how romance is completely lost when you're pregnant and then have a baby. Cameron- props to you on being an awesome hubby!

coco said...

Geez...I thought the longer you were married the more boring and old and lame you became. I guess not. Sounds like a fun night! But then again, you guys could have fun watching mud ooze out of the pores of an apricot! (one of mom's best quotes)