Saturday, October 25, 2008

Olympic Halloween

Halloween is here...YAY! As many of you know, I love Halloween. I love being a kid again because lets face it, I definitely am still one at heart. My friend Heather throws an awesome Halloween party every year and this year was no exception. She went all out and it was so much fun! So here are Cameron and I in costume. Can you guess what I am? I know it is totally ghetto and lame, but I had to come up with something right? Cameron went as Michael Phelps which many of you know is hilarious due to the content of my dreams in the last couple of months. I was going to go as Nastia Luikin but the few people I told didn't know who she was, so I bailed on that idea last minute. Come Friday morning I had no costume and I had to come up with something to go along with Cameron. The Olympic torch it was. I thought it was pretty creative, but ugly and ghetto as it turned out. How do I always end up being in fat costumes? Oh well it worked and got some laughs and really, that was all I was after. Oh, and I was runner up to Angie's spice rack costume in the contest. That was pretty clever. Anyway, I used Dylan's swim floaty for the torch part of the costume, and an old Santa hat that I had to glue the tissue paper on for the flame. Mom, I was so resourceful, you would have been so proud!

Dylan also received runner up for his costume at the Library Halloween party yesterday. I think his costume was by far the best one there, but I guess many people don't see Indian costumes out here. LAME! Since when does the generic Indian costume win a contest? The Kid did have a sweet bow which could have swayed my opinion on the costume, but he kept trying to hit all the kids including Dylan and Sydney. Needless to say, he quickly lost my vote. So yeah, it was a fun day. Dylan liked parading around Tinkerbell, and his dragon friend, He even made the local newspaper! It was very cute. I am not telling you what Dylan and Sydney were so that you will come back see pics in my upcoming Halloween post. I can't wait! Halloween is so much fun with kids!


Katie said...

Oh rad! Cameron totally looks like Michael Phelps, that's so funny. And your costume is so Britney, I love it! You guys should have won for sure! Hani and I aren't dressing up this year but Lucas has 2 costumes haha. It should be fun :)

coco said...

OK, so you're costume is NOT ugly and ghetto and it doesn't make you fat. It rocks. How in the world did you lose to a spice rack? LAME! I'm with Katie, you should've won.