Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Children Dear...

Macey turned 3 and Sydney turned 5!!
I still can't believe how old they are getting!  
We had a little birthday party for the girls at home with the Mount clan.  This is what you do with left over Easter candy:
Grandma and Grandpa Mount gave these girls a trip to Build a Bear!  The girls ate it up. Syds bear is named  Lucy, and Macey's pony is named Belle. 
Grandma also gave them some fairy costumes.  
The hippo chair was the hit of the year.  Syd sleeps with it every night, and sits on it every morning for breakfast.  See the lamb in her hand?  That is Madison and Alis gift with them siging Sydney a goodnight lullaby.  She LOVES it!  At night she will listen to it and say, "I love you too Ali".  It is super sweet.

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