Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Robots in Las Vegas

Robotics season is here!  For Christmas Auntie Em and Uncle Amir bought my parents a trip to come out watch the regional competition in Las Vegas.  We as kids decided to make a family trip out of it and come together to support Amir, to meet Achille (Lindsay's new beau) and meet the new babies.  The whole fam-damly came!  I actually was able to surprise them all which was fun. I didn't decide to get a ticket until the week before (when one of cams clients got me on a buddy pass).  It was great, and nobody suspected that I was coming.  It was great to have all of the kids together.  That is such a rare occurrence these days.
 The D'Penguineers ended up winning the entire competition!  It was so exciting and so fun to experience such a great win with everyone.  They get to go to St Louis now for the World Championships in less than a month.

The siblings were able to take a little bit of fun time together.  I don't know the last time that that has happened! It was sad Emily couldn't be there, but we still had a great time all catching up.  We went out to the strip together till about 2 am.  It was fun, especially for me when you throw in the time change...I didn't get to bed until about 4:30 my time.  Sheesh...that is amazing for a mom of 3!
Fremont Street.  First time I have ever been!

The babies: Luke, and Madison!

Lounging at Tim's new pad.  Gorgeous home, and gorgeous yard.  
 It was the first time that many of us met Lindsay's new guy, Achille.   He is every bit as great as Lindsay had told us.  He is a keeper and one that has been so good for Lindsay in giving her all that she deserves.  It's about time!  :)  We loved him and most of all, we loved seeing Linds light up when he was around.  

It was on this trip that I mentioned to my bro that I possibly could be pregnant...who knows...

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