Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birthday Girls at Castle Park

Happy Birthday Sydney and Macey!!
We had our first combined birthday party for the girls!  The girls (mostly Macey) wanted another princess party of course, where they could dress up and run around as princesses.  So, we decided to have a party at castle park where they would have plenty of space.  The girls decorated crowns and had wands, while the boys (and many girls) decorated shields and were given swords to go and rescue the princesses hiding in the park.  

We had a great turn out.  About 24 kids!  EEK!  The kids had a lot of fun, and it was a beautiful sunny April day to celebrate.  one of my most favorite things is seeing my kids play with thier friends.  I love hearing thier conversations, and seeing them run hand in hand with eath other.  It is darling.  I can only imagine it gets more fun as they age.
Casey was the dragon of the party...but I think it got a tad too hot to wear. Best bud cousins.
The boys found a real dragon/lizard!
 The Cake:
 Sydney and Talia are two peas in a pod. Talia is Syds best friend from school.

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