Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer 2012

Wow, so I really have been lagging in the blog department, but I guess this happens every summer.  You try having three kids under 6 years old home ALL day EVERYDAY and getting anything done. Summer is a thing for the birds I tell ya.  It is tough!  Here are some of the things that I have missed:

1.  I TURNED 30!  For real though, I am 30 years old.  Cameron turned to me on my birthday and said, "geez you really are old, I feel like 50 today".  Gerk!   We didn't do a whole lot for my actual birthday considering that I got everything that I wanted (and more) for the 6 months leading up to it.  Anytime I wanted something I would say, "but I am turning 30".  It got me my new Venice oil painting that I love (which reminds me everyday of the love that Cameron and I share/ed so many years ago backpacking Europe together), a trip to Cancun, new paint for my entire house (gray), some new shoes, messages from my besties, a trip with my kids to Six Flags, and of course, a hot date with my main man.  It was a successful birthday to say the least!

2. Great Grandpa Mount Passed away on my birthday to be exact. He was a good man and lived a long great life.  Cameron and his family flew out to California for the weekend to take part in the services.  Great Grandma Lavee will leave this earth shortly after her husband.  She is suffering from very painful bone cancer and could go at any time.  I am so glad that her grandkids were able to go out and visit with her while she was still able to talk and say goodbye.  We are praying for her everyday and are excited for the two of them to be reunited in the next life.

3.  Sydney learned to swim!  She took a couple weeks of swim lessons at which time she refused to swim. Go figure.  She really only was able to get used to the water and kick with a kick board at this time.  Not a week later she was asking to swim underwater and take her floaties off.  Here is a video of the very first day she legitimately started swimming. (Dylan taught her of course since she doesn't really respond to me teaching her anything). Since this day, she is doing GREAT!  She can swim from one end of the pool to the other, flip off of the diving board and swim to the side, etc.  She still gets tired and makes it look like she is going to drown at any moment, but she can do it!  I am so proud of her!  

4. Dylan taught Sydney how to swing!  Again, I have tried so many times, but my girls are STUBBORN!  I do have to say though, I LOVE more than anything watching my kids teach each other, take care of each other and grow with each other.  It sounds so cliche but really, nothing brings me greater joy than seeing them together (getting along).  Dylan is such a fantastic big brother.  He knows the kids look up to him and he usually is the first to try and help them learn.  I sometimes wonder if he does this more for them, or to impress me...either way I am super stoked with the end result.

5. Most importantly, I became a super fan of Downton Abbey. It was Cameron's b-day gift to me (I know, right...HE'S AMAZING!).  Where have I been these last two years? Lady Mary (one of my all time favorite tv characters) and Matthew Crawley might have the best love story ever (aside from the notebook...which was a bit overdone). I was brought to tears in that last episode and I am ready for this summer hiatus to be over already.

6.  We had a MOUNT family reunion (but I will save that for a post of its own)

7.  Auntie Em, Uncle Amir and Aliya came for a visit!  It was super fun.  But again, I will save this for a post of its own.

**As soon as I find where Cameron hid the pictures, I will post them on these topics.  Sorry

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