Monday, September 3, 2012

Shaeer's in Hotlanta

Amir, Emily and Aliya came to Atlanta for the week!  
We had such a great time with them.  Here are a few things that we enjoyed doing together:

 Pine Mountain Gold Museum/park

Checking out the "Cave", ahem, I mean "Tunnel", was an adventure within itself as we found ourselves ankle deep in water within seconds.  The little ones weren't so psyched about that.
Mining for gold and gems
Cam Met his match with Bessie the cow. 

 Played outside:
 Amir, The best handy man to ever have around, fixed our stairs!  FINALLY!
  Midtown water park:

 Of course, the lake:
  Aliya's 3rd birthday party carnival:
 We decorated party hats and bags...
 Fished for treasures...
 raced water balloons...
And ate yummy cupcakes!
Happy Birthday Aliya!

It was a wonderful week full of chaos, fun and great conversation! It is so fun to have cousins together! 

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