Monday, November 22, 2010

A Galloni

Dylan is super creative and super artsy, (he definitely has the Spransy gene (my mothers side) in him). He loves drawing, making up names for things, and telling stories. Here is his latest:
"This is a Galloni. A Galloni is something inside a robot. It helps the robot move and it keeps the robot alive. It has a lot of power and makes it own engines. When the battery cracks it makes a new one that won't ever crack. It is even inside a human robot too. It does everything that it can do. Some people need to mix water with apple juice and when this happens the robot cleans them out. And, when it sees candy, it won't ever eat it because they don't have teeth or mouths but they have pointy things to chew other things. Some robots dont even have eyes. If they break, someone can even fix it for free."

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Cameron said...

Can't stop smiling...