Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Lullaby

Dylan wanted to sing a quiet song to Macey tonight while I was rocking her to sleep. Here are some of his lyrics (this song never ended which made the lyrics pretty interesting):

-Sometimes its fun to sing to our sisters, only when they aren't being bad, but I am not very bad, but sometimes I am and mommy cries, but she's not sad, just really mad, so just don't be bad...grandmas make lots of warm sweaters that are really great...when mommy's car breaks everyone in the whole world can fix it because everyone in the whole world has a tool box...I love Apple Cream even when she eats my puzzles, but sometimes I don't want her to just eat my puzzles because then she might not feel good and then I want to throw my puzzle in the trash...mommy dances with me sometimes and then we fall down, but we don't get hurt and we keep dancing...

If I can remember more I will add it, but it was a ten minute song that I had to end when Syd came in crying. :( Maybe she shouldn't be so "bad".


Cameron said...

Cutest thing I ever read. I hate my job(s).

Kristine Pratt said...

how cute is that!