Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Atlanta

This weekend we went into Atlanta to be a part of the St. Patty's day festivities. Dylan loves parades ever since the SB one where the horse went crazy and nearly ran over the people in the crowd. That was gnarly! He also thinks that every parade should have confetti eggs too. Bummer, maybe I should make those and introduce them to the south. I explained them to my friends out here and they think we are crazy for putting paper in salmonella infested eggs and crushing them on people. (If you put it that way it does sound pretty gross, but I love the Fiesta tradition).
This parade was full of all kinds of strange people:

Random clowns with giant tooth brushes...
A Bono look alike (I could have sworn it were him if it weren't for the plastic chair he was sitting on in the back of a chevy pickup)
Cute dressed up dogs with not so cute (or happy) owners
Random statues of men making moves on my daughter...

And my very favorite: Several middle aged women twirling batons in teeny, tiny, dresses with their junk hanging out. Classic south.
Since that bizarre experience, Dylan and Sydney have pulled out their instruments at home and have begun having their own parades. Dylan must be the drummer and Syd follows behind with her little noise makers. I love watching what those two come up with when they play together!


T-Ray said...

crazy/fun. The clown with the giant toothbrush was a little on the creepy side though.

coco said...

Great pics and fun bloggin this week Brit! Thanks for keeping me up to date....it kills me being away from these kids!!