Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Syd

Syd has been doing great lately. It has been almost a year since her last seizure (May 5th), and she finally seems to have adjusted well to her medications. Hopefully, she will only need them for one more year, but only time will tell. She needs to be seizure free for 2 years before they even think about taking her off her meds. Continue to pray and cross your fingers for her. Sydney has been making huge strides in these last few months, and so I wanted to post about it. As many of you know she has struggled since getting on her medications with eating, talking, and managing her discomfort. But lately she has been doing better than ever:

She finally is using her hands again to eat! For the last several months she has only accepted food that we physically feed to her, and she has been extremely picky with what goes into her mouth. Recently however, she has decided that she likes the fork and that she will eat or grab anything that she can poke at. The possibilities are endless...finally! She is eating again! I was so excited to get a picture of her messy face, the last time I saw this she was 9 months old!
Ok this is nothing new, but I wanted to post how long her hair is getting. It is crazy! Where does she get all that hair?
We recently bought a pass to the zoo since this is the one thing that Sydney is most fascinated with, and that seems to keep her attention for long periods of time. She still doesn't have a ton of words, but she is learning all of the animal sounds. Anything involving animals such as movies, books, pictures, etc, are helping with her language development. Rawrrrr!
Here is Syd in her little Scottish kilt! Love it! She has started to help get herself dressed in the morning. She knows where her legs and arms need to go, and she LOVES shoes. She is my little girlie girl!
I am excited for my little girl to turn 2 next month, and even more excited to see her with her baby sister. I think that she will have a hard time initially, but I know that she will eventually LOVE being the older sister. She already is great at giving hugs and kisses, and running to comfort Dylan when he cries. She is a sweety!

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Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie! I am glad to hear that she is doing so well.