Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soccer Boy!

I was able to get Dylan signed up for soccer this year, and man it wasn't a moment too soon. I was wondering how he would handle playing on a team, but he picked it up quick and can't get enough. Just as an FYI, we went to the meeting to get all of the information and Dylan left crying in the parking lot because he thought he was going to start playing that day. He was screaming, "I want to play soccer" while all of the kids and parents were leaving the building and getting in their cars. It was a bit annoying, embarrassing and sad, but I think it goes to show how amped he was to start playing. Poor kid cried the whole way home until I told him we could play for a bit out front before going to bed. It was already dark outside. :)Dylan has only had a couple of games so far, but he is a runner! The first time he played I think he really thought that the object of the game was to run and fall every time down the field. Not only did he just fall, but he would take other kids down with him. We had to give him a big talk about tackling, and the next game he did much better and really went after the ball. You might even call him the bully that doesn't really give the other kids a chance...urgh...he just goes and goes and goes! He even scored his first goal (in the other teams goal...but it was exciting all the same!). Go Dylan!
I have to mention how hilarious it is to watch these kids. During the kickoff part of the game the kids just stare at the ball wondering who is going to get it. The parents each yell hoping that their kid will go after it, but as you can tell, a lot of the kids just stand around waiting for the action to come to them. Too funny. The kids also, ages 3-7, just want to be running. They run after eachother and not so much the ball. They kick the ball out of bounds just so they can touch it, and the real kicker is that they kick the ball towards the mud out of bounds so that they can have a moment to jump, play and get dirty...who doesn't want to do that? We can't keep Dylan out! A lot of the kids often times will also get distracted when the ball goes out of bounds over by the hill and they will start rolling down the hill one after the other. It is hysterical! Oh What I would give to be a kid again!

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