Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fiesta Childrens Parade

Day two of Fiesta! Aunt Lindsay came down to Sb to go to the childrens parade with us. We met up with Katie's family who saved us seats and brought us donuts. They are so sweet! This time we got out groove ON! Check out DD! After the Flower girls had given him a flower the day before, it was his mission to fill up his hat with multiple flowers. I think he wanted to prove something there, Dylan don't worry, we all know you are the cutest boy on the block! (Aside from Luckie anyway) :)
The cutest future couple, Lucus and Syney were forced to pose together. They really enjoyed themselves can't you tell? Aunt Lindsay and Sydney! After the parade we went to the Depot to ride the train with Kalia and Dylan. We already are planning a marriage between these two too! This could be thier engagement photo!

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coco said...

awesome blogs! Love the pictures :o) Wish I was there....