Friday, September 5, 2008

The daily grind

Sydney is finally eating real food. Woohoo! Here is a cute picture of her eating...what a mess! I think that spoon feeding a baby has got to be one of my least favorite things about motherhood, especially when your two year old is constantly asking to be fed like a baby too. Ugh!Dr. DD loves his new scrubs that grandma made him. He and Dr. Daddy put thier matching outfits on and do surgery to each other and the stuffed animals. It is super cute. When I hurt myself (which you all know happens all too often) I ask Dr. DD to fix it and he is more than happy to put on the scrubs and go to work. Thanks G-mama!

In other news, Dylan has taken to music much like his daddy. When we are in the car the radio or cd must ALWAYS be on. When a slow song comes on he gets mad and screams, "no slow song mommy, play the daddy song" (which is sadly for all you country haters out there , "The day Before You" or "Break Away" by Rascal Flatts), or he'll say "no mommy, the ABC song" (for Jackson 5 of course). It is super cute, but gets pretty annoying to hear the same songs every time I get in the car. Cameron is trying to get him into Beck...its funny to hear him try and sing that. Nice. Speaking of which, here is another ABC song, Cameron liked this one better so I figured I would post it. Dylan is so tired of singing this song for us that now he just says it as fast as he can so that he can get two fruit snack treats. What a cutie. Also, here he is trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star, I love it, but his face looks so torn up...I promise we don't beat him!

As for me, I just finished the Twilight book series by Stephanie Meyer. I don't know what it is but in the last few months I have been obsessed with reading (maybe because it is the only thing that brings me utter peace and quiet at the end of the day). Anyway, I just finished the Twilight series that everyone was talking about and I just think it is so strange how that series became so popular amongst adults. I understand it's for young adults and I can see how they can get into it, but adults? You would think we would need a little more than vampires to get us dedicated to over 2000 pages of reading. I don't know, but I enjoyed it none the less especially because a few people have started calling Sydney "Nessie". Love it! I am excited to see how the movie turns out, although I am expecting it to be disappointing (what a pessimist I am).

So yeah, I need a new good book to read, if you have any recommendations for me please let me know. I read the Emily Giffin series (Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Baby Proof) a few weeks ago and those are really good for any of you women out there.


Ange said...

Hey cute girl-
I love your updates and miss you guys. The kids love seeing their cuz and are amazed by his rendition of his ABCs. We will soon be sending our video rendition. !I recently just finished reading the Twilight series as well. Did you know they have vampire tours in SF? October will be fun. I wanted to go to bookclub tonight to review the fourth book with everyone, but Tim had a late day. I need to have a sitter on call for me. Sending oxxoxoxo

Holbrook Girls said...

So I just found your blog through Tim and Angela's. So cute. Your kids are growing up so fast. I am going to add you to my blog!!!

Anneli said...

Your kids are so dang cute, Dylan is a little man and Sydney's curly brown hair is adorable, miss you.