Sunday, August 24, 2008

"ABC song"

We finally got Dylan to sing into the camera today...yehaw! Here are his ABC's!

We were on the way to Jordan's birthday party today and on the way there we spotted a cow on the loose. Knowing Cameron and his "udder" (Sorry had to pull a Larry there) need to touch every stray animal he finds, what did we do? Pull over of course paying no attention to the possible danger and take Dylan to go and touch the thing. He was scared at first and then couldn't stop touching him, it was cute. Brings back the good old days with "Rudy", right G-mama and G-papa?

Grandmas Sweet little girl. Look at those eyes!

Dylan is obsessed with putting his little puzzles together...hes getting so good! He still wont wear clothes at home though, he loves being "maked".


g-ma-ma said...

Great job on the ABC's -- Grandpa wants to know when we will be getting a Spanish version!

Cute, cute pictures -- can't wait to get there with all you guys.

Trisha said...

Your kids are adorable! I love the ABC song!

allen6 said...

I think he sings them better than Cam! How are you guys we miss you!