Sunday, August 17, 2008

We have liftoff!

Dylan is officially potty trained! YAY! Most of you mothers can share in my excitement as you know how hard this task can be. Dylan has flown through with flying colors. He took about two straight weeks of accidents and underpants to get it, (and a few poopy diapers in Target...yuck!), but I think its official, no more diapers! Hooray! He is growing so fast.

People keep asking for fun stories of the kids so I will try to post as soon as I can. As for now, Dylan loves his sister. He is excited when she wakes up so he can run into her room and say "oh hi sweety". Dylan also loves singing in church. He listens to his daddy and I, and repeats everything that we say, (at 5 times the volume of course). Its supper cute hearing him sing, and he is so excited in the end to say, "I sang a church song". This week he also randomly started asking for his "monies" which is his piggy bank. When I got it down for him today we opened it and dumped the money out and he quickly held up a quarter saying "mommy, here is money to go to California"..."I fly on airplane to California!" (He asks about once a week when we can go to California and I tell him we need money to fly on an there is the connection with the piggy bank...what a smarty!). He also loves putting on deodorant in the morning, except for some reason since he can't figure out that it goes under his arms so he puts it on his neck. Funny kid.

Sydney is still getting cuter and cuter (I know I always say that but it is so true). She does weigh 20 lbs already and that is only 10 lbs less than her brother who is over two years older...oh man! When we took her two month appt they told us to get her a new car seat because she was already outgrowing the one we had...ridiculous! She is a big girl, but a cute one at that. This morning all I wanted to do was sleep in an extra 20 min since Dylan hadn't gotten up yet, and of course Sydney woke up at 6:45 and decided that she wanted to have a full on conversation with me. I couldn't help but enjoy that moment to the fullest, those moments just make my day. Sydney is so happy and talkative in the morning right when she wakes up. It is really cute for now but i hope that it doesn't last long since as we all know I am NOT a morning person, and talking is the LAST thing that I want to do. Sydney has also started rolling over front to back. She gets stuck though because she can't go back to her back, so eventually she gives up and just falls asleep on her tummy.In other news. Katie, one of my closest friends in the the world just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Lucas John. He is adorable, and I am so excited to have another friend to to share the joys of motherhood with. Along with this news, my brother Jeremy found out that they are having a girl, and my sister in law Heidi found out they are having a boy. Congrats you guys! I am so stoked...more cousins for Sydney and Dylan to play with. FUN FUN!

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taylor harding said...

Okay, I had no idea you had a blog! And here I was wondering if you ever got my email that we have one! Sheesh! You all look great! I have been thinking about you every time I see volleyball on the olympics, oh, and every time I open my craft cupboard and see your painted key box from our Baja camping trip "arts & crafts" time. you want me to send that to you? it's almost done! LOL! its' good to read about you guys! keep in touch! i need your snail-mail address.