Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Dylan found a box last week and who knew it would keep him so entertained? He cut holes for the head and arms and wore it around the house and even brought it out to his cousins house (He cried when we almost left his "box".  Then, one morning I woke up to this:
 "Mommy mommy, come look at what I made!  His name is Jr.  You put a quarter in here (the hole in the side that even has a cup taped inside to catch the coins), I press this button, and drive this car back and forth to get the machine to work, and then you get to pull something out. If you give me two quarters you get two things."

I love this kid.  I love kids!  I love that all they need is a few basic supplies and their imagination to keep them happy and excited about life.  Now what will I :accidentally" leave in the living room floor next? Maybe a Pringles tube.  Stay tuned!

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