Sunday, April 22, 2012


It has been 3 days in a row where Dylan left me laughing with something that he said.  

Day 1:
Dylan: Mommy I like you hair
Me: What do you like about it?
Dylan: That it looks long and pretty like a teenager. It's not in a ponytail like mommy's wear all the time.

Crap.  My 6 year old notices and even cares about this?  And does he know that it supposed to be the other way around.  I am sorry Dylan that you have such a Lazy mom!

Day 2:
Me: Lets go downstairs and clean your room
Dylan: Aw, but I wanted to go outside and stare at the clouds and hug the earth

It must be Earth week at school.  Happy Earth Day today!

Day 2 again: (We found a turtle in the woods today and were talking about it with over dinner)
Daddy:  Maybe we should make turtle soup Dylan
Dylan:  Well, only Republicans eat turtle soup.  Republicans like to hunt and kill things. 
Mommy: Are you Republican Dylan? 
Dylan: No.
Mommy: But you like to shoot things right?
Dylan: Yes mommy, but I am a Democrat.  I only like to shoot things that aren't the grass, or the turtle shell after the turtle is gone out of it.

Hilarious!  I tried to record this but my phone wasn't working.  Cameron and I were DYING!

Today, Day 3:
Dylan: Sydney and Macey are going to be really pretty...and I am going to be really cool.
Me: Well, you are handsome too Dylan
Dylan: No, I don't want to be handsome.  I want to be cool and make people laugh.  Being cool means I can be kind of cute too.

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