Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Go to sleep ya little baby..."

Day 12 of Sydney refusing to sleep in her bed

A couple of weeks ago Sydney decided it was time to work on her jungle gym skills and she has been climbing out of her crib ever since. This has to be one of my least favorite phases in child rearing. Syd is nowhere near ready to be out of her crib, but if she broke her arm falling off of a bed, then what will she break falling out of a crib? Grr. It is a constant battle puttiong kids to bed at night, keeping them there, and then dealing with them mid morning. And napping...wow...that is a whole nother (yes nother) story. Ugh.

Lets just say, Sydney has an odd way of sleeping these days. It's the "grab everything within arms reach, huck it at the door, then pass out on top of it" approach. Not only this, but she is also waking up around 3 am and refusing to go back to bed. I will wake up to feed Macey around 2:45 to here Syd's brushes, dolls, books, etc being thrown against the door. Doesn't this sound like so much fun? Who wants to sleep at my house?

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g-ma-ma said...

It's hard to see now, but one day this will bring laughter to your life.....not the tears and frustratioon that it is currently creating. I hope that switch comes very soon.....poor Sydney, and poor Britney & Camercon.