Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dylan's Room

Dylan's room is done! We originally wanted to move Sydney in with Dylan, (hence the girlie flowery bottom bunk), but as you can see, that didn't end up happening. Syd needed her own space to move around and I think by the time she would move in with D, he would want his own space. So alas, he moved downstairs in to the guest bedroom. Sorry folks, the king bed is gone. We still want you to come and visit, but we have an air mattress for you instead, and there are two twins right there for you to enjoy as well (since we could move Dylan upstairs during your visit).

Note: The Starry night painting is the one that my mom painted for our wedding Starry Night table. (We had theme tables at our wedding...tacky? Maybe. Fun? Most Definitely!)
I used to want to paint fun stripes and different fun walls, but when all is said and done, doing anything with three kids has been almost impossible. I am just lucky these rooms look somewhat put together and all the kids stuff is finally out of my living room. One more room to go. It's the pink room...I am trying to figure out a way to get away from painting it again...hummm. Stay tuned.

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