Thursday, May 20, 2010

Macey Jane Mount-Baby Blessing

Macey Jane Mount
Blessed in the LDS church in Carrollton, Ga
May 9, 2010
Grandma Minnie has always made my kids blessing outfits. This year however, her health has taken a bad turn and we were sure that Macey was not going to have her own gown. To our surprise though, Minnie actually decided to go ahead and make a gown. I couldn't believe it! Minnie was able to finish the front half of the gown leaving it to be finished by Grandma Elaine. How special is that? My daugther has a gown that was made by both of her Scottish grandmas. I love it!
Could my baby be any sweeter? She looks like a little pioneer baby.
Sydney thats not your hat!

We had a lot more people who were a part of the circle, but these were the only ones we were able to come take a picture after sacrament. We are so glad we have such great family and friends who are willing take part in such a special occasion.
Grandma and grandpa with their 17th grandchild.


T-Ray said...

So Cute! Love the blessing dress.

Kristine Pratt said...

That first picture she looks just like you!

coco said...

Aww...I'm loving Macey blessing pics! She's so peaceful :) and you Brit--skinny girl!

Cameron said...

Brit - I swear, you make the best babies!

Jim Mount said...

These pictures will be in the Mount / West History Books for ever. Love this family of our!

Jim Mount said...

Love our family!! You Cam are building a very fine fimily. Love, Jim