Thursday, May 6, 2010

Atlanta Childrens Museum

Cameron has been AWESOME since baby Macey has arrived. He has helped out so much with the kids and I couldn't be more grateful. Cameron was able to get two weeks off of work for maternity leave (wahoo), and with those two weeks he did EVERYTHING for me. He cooked, cleaned, let me nap, took the kids out everyday, and he even took the kids to the Atlanta Children's Museum with grandpa. They said they had a blast! (I LOVE this place, but it is quite hard to do the kids without help since the kids are running in opposite is a good thing grandpa went to help :)
My little artists
The moon sand is awesome, I just want to lay in it! Dylan and Syd can play at this station for HOURS.
Grandpas favorite station...FISHING!
"We love our daddy!"

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Katie said...

what an awesome husband/dad!