Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Macey Meets her Siblings

The kids were able to come to the hospital Tuesday night to meet their new little sister. I was a bit worried about Sydney since she tends to have some jealousy when I am around other babies, but she was great. She was SO happy to see the baby. She kept hugging and pointing and loving all over her. Dylan too couldn't and can't keep his hands off of Macey. He is in love with her, and constantly wants to hold, kiss and touch her. It is super sweet. (Notice that even in this family pic he has to have his hands on Macey.)
Syd leans in for a hug while saying, "awwwww".
Dylan was the happiest I have EVER seen him. He loves being a big brother, especially of two little girls!


coco said...

Oh, I love the last 2 pics! The kids are so cute looking at her :)

Katie said...

total cuteness...i'm fully holding back tears at work. dang you, making me want another one!! p.s. why the heck do you look so good? brat!! you look AH-MAZE-ING! Love you!