Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Pictures

So we finally went to take our family pictures with Sydney. They turned out so cute! She is such a doll, I can't stand it. We did however have to rethink the clothing situation since she out grew the two dresses I was planning on her wearing. She is such a chunk!

Dylan was great even though he hates pictures. We had to give him 2 nerds after every picture to keep him smiling, can you believe how well it worked? The workers were a bit annoyed, but they loved that he would smile for "two green tandies"

Here is the site to see the professional ones (type in Brittany Mount in the space provided and the Access Codeis LTPP0089100032JCP)


Katie said...

You need an authorization code to see the pics on the professional me cuz I really want to see more! The 3 you have on here are so dang cute!

Britney said...

Ooh here is the code LTPP0089100032JCP and check out the feet picture. It is amazing!

Kristina said...

OH my gosh!! These are such cute pictures. I can't believe how much Sydney has changed already.