Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sydneys Blessing

We blessed Baby Sydney about 3 weeks ago. She was so good, she didn't even make a peep. Luckily grandma and grandpa mount were still in town, so we had a lot of family support.

She was beautiful in her handmade dress from Grandma Minnie, isn't it gorgeous?


allen6 said...

Finally I get to see her! I have been checking Cam's blog and that thing is never updated, so I am so excited that you finally did one. She is gorgeous, I love the hair it reminds me of Riley.We miss you and want to see you when you come out again. I heard your tornado story, WOW! Call us so you can tell me about everything! Love you guys and congrats!!!!!!!!

coco said...

I love these pictures! I am so impressed you have the time to put up a new blog with 2 under the age of 3!!! Wow are are the new talent.
Love ya!
Miss ya-