Friday, March 22, 2013

Sydney Plays Soccer

 Sydney just started playing her first year of Soccer.  She was so excited about it, that she didn’t even take off her soccer jersey for three days (aside from showers).  She is hilarious.  The parents decided to name the team HIGHLIGHTERS.  Cute huh?
We were worried that Syd might hate soccer for the fact that the other kids steal the ball, but she loves it!  I was so surprised.  She doesn’t really go after the ball, but she does run up and down the field to follow the ball/crowd. She absolutely loves it  The sad part is, she has only had one game and now her arm is broken.  L  Poor girl.  She won’t be able to finish out the season, but at least we were able to get her in action!

 This is her friend Chase from school.  They are great friends, and were so happy to find out that they were on the same team.  There was a very sweet reunion every practice where they would run to each other and embrace in a giant hug.  It was so adorable!

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