Monday, June 4, 2012

Georgia Renaissance Festival

 Our good friends Lisa and Jeremy Anderson invited us to go along with them to the Georgia Renaissance Festival this year.  Cameron and I had never been and thought it would be fun and different than anything we had ever done.  It was!

The boys watching the jousting tournament:
 Check out these boys.  Mr. Moms!
 My beautiful babies:
 A highland cow!  This was exciting to see, as it reminded Cameron of our good friend RUDY the highland cow we met and loved in scottland 8 years ago.
 Jeremy and Lisa committing a sin:
 Gluten free goods:
 Sydney was in awe of the fairies and queens that walked by.  It was super sweet.  
The boys had a blast:
The were ready and willing at the mud show:
 Holy condor!  Gorgeous.  I can't remember what this was, but I remember he said that they are breading in the wild (the grand canyon), the first time in years due to distinction and conservation efforts.
 The dragon ride!:
 The boys have been kissed by the kissing wenches: LUCKY!  :)
It was a fun (HOT) day in Georgia.  The kids had fun watching crazy people do crazy things, and we enjoyed watching their reactions. Thanks Andersons!