Thursday, May 17, 2012

Easter 2012

Good Morning Kids!  Looks like the Easter Bunny was here!
Check out his new Darth underoos:  Rockin!
Gmama made these adorable dresses for the girls and their bitty babies. What a woman!  The kids searched for a few eggs before church
Lets HUNT!
This is what Sydney thinks of hard boiled eggs:
Family Easter Party at the Mount:
Getting ready for the HUNT:
Whenever I think of moving outta Georgia just remind me to look at this picture.  I hate to say it, but I don't see any kind of move in our near future...this is just too good!
Happy Birthday Sydney and Macey
Grandma bought her traditional age 2 Bitty baby for Macey.  She LOVED it!  She got Syd and Mace a table and chairs for them to play tea party.  So cute!  The kids were in heaven.

Syds gluten free birthday treat.  It stinks but she didn't mind at all! (Especially because she ate about 20 peeps throughout the day)

One of many dance parties of the week.  Like we didn't blast Gotye's "Somebody that you used to know" 20 times while singing and dancing our heads off.  I LOVE THIS FAMILY!

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