Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Dylan designed both pumkinds this year with the new handy roller pick- as i have named it. Its an awesome tool that they now sell with the simple carving kit at the grocery store. Dylan just rolled out the design and we cut. He felt like a rock star. Didn't they turn out great? One is a bat, and the other is jsut a funny face.
I had to post this pic for my family. Dylan has always hated the idea of digging out the goop in the pumpkin but we told him he had to try it this year. He came up with this on his own: (if this isn't Spransy in action...I don't know what is! Don't think I don't use plastic bags in my winter boots!)

Oh and for Dylan's Kindergarten an anti-Halloween parent made their opinion known and the class was only allowed to dress up as scarecrows...without hay (because of allergies). Awesome. We got creative: (the beanie was a last minute addition due to the frigid morning's not straw hat...but it's warm!)

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