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Cancun 2011

For our ten year anniversary, Cameron and I took a trip to Cancun without the kids. This was the first time ever leaving the kids (aside from leaving Dylan at 20 months when we went to Savannah and he broke his arm upon our arrival). It was amazing! I found myself repeating the words that Cameron said on our honeymoon, (after weeks of dealing with bridezilla,) "I am actually having a lot of fun!" It took about a day, but we soon adjusted to life without kids, and although we did miss them, it was AWESOME! I LOVE CANCUN! Aside from the destination itself, Cameron and I needed that time to reconnect after the year that we have had. I am so grateful to those that made it happen. Thank you MOUNTS!!!!!

Day 1:
We arrived in Cancun, got our rental car, and drove to our rockin hotel. Here is out balcony overlooking the lagoon...check out our bathtub!
We then proceeded to go and find food at the local Walmart. When stopping at a local hole in the wall joint for dinner, we noticed a bit of commotion a few blocks away and decided to check it out. Yes, we found a local televised boxing match that was about to begin. Somehow (because we were Americans) we were seated in the VIP seats under the awning. Awesome. The only way this night could have gone better was if it had been Mexican wrestling...but alas, we can't have it all now can we...but apparently Cameron can:
The tranny on the left was my favorite.

Day 2:
Chichen Itza! This is now one of the New Seven World Wonders of the World. It was awesome and everything I imagined it would be. Not many people know this but I am kind of a pyramid freak. I love them and am so fascinated by them. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Egypt (and although Cameron took me there for our 4 year anniversary ) I imagine the site of the real thing would absolutely bring me to tears, not that the cobra shower head didn't have that same affect :) When my brother came back from his mission in Guatemala (when I was a young teenager), I remember his bringing home a little Mayan temple (pyramid). I immediately wanted to see it for myself. I have always talked about seeing these Mayan pyramids, and I bought a book on them several years ago, but I never thought I would go because of the many travelling issues I would face in the poorer countries that struggle with transportation and sanitation. Ladies and Gentleman, when I found out that they were some in Cancun, I just about flipped! Cameron surprised me with this, and made it happen. I LOVE that man!

On the way there we made a stop and a couple locations:

"Vallalodid" or "Valladolid" or "Vollalladid" I am not sure what it was called, I think it varies depending on who you ask, Cameron or myeslf, but it was a beautiful little city on the way to the ruins where we stopped and had lunch. This was the church across the street from where we ate.

We finally arrived at our desination: And I had printed up everything there was to kn

Imagine being sacrificed and thrown into this cenote. No thanks! It is pretty though!
The Famous Mayan Ball court. "Each end has a raised "temple" area. A whisper from end can be heard clearly at the other end 500 feet away and through the length and breath of the court. The sound waves are unaffected by wind direction or time of day/night. Archaeologists engaged in the reconstruction noted that the sound transmission became stronger and clearer as they proceeded. In 1931 Leopold Stokowski spent 4 days at the site to determine the acoustic principals that could be applied to an open-air concert theater he was designing. Stokowski failed to learn the secret. To this day it has not been explained."
This is the backside of Chichen Itza that has not been restored yet. I love that they kept it this way to show the wear of it. Is this not incredible?
Check out the huge iguana that Cameron decided to chase. These guys were everywhere. When we went snorkeling I think I saw at least 10 of them scurrying around on the ground between the water and the hotel rocks.
On the way home we decided to cool off at one of the local cenote (a sinkhole with exposed rocky edges containing groundwater. Many are connected through underwater tunnels) Gran Cenote:

There are something like 82 miles of underwater caves here. It owould have been awesome to Scuba,
The bat cave

Day 3: Sleep, sleep, read books, and sleep. Oh and we went snorkeling too. We hung out all afternoon by the beach and pool and were in heaven. The water in Cancun was unlike any water I have been in. It was gorgeous! I might make some people mad by saying this, but I preferred it to Hawaii's. I could see my toes from standing position it was so clear! GOR-GEOUS!

Every night after 10pm we would go walking on the beach and find at least 5-10 huge turtles coming up on shore to bury their eggs. It was amazing. We did not take pictures (for fear of scaring them off) but we did take this which is our hotels designated area for keeping the eggs after burial. A worker will dig up the eggs every night and put them here for safe keeping until they hatch.

Day 4: There are about 5 historical Mayan sites to choose from in/near Cancun. Coba was the second one that we decided to go to for its lush location (in the middle of the jungle), and because people are still allowed to climb the temple. I think this is probably the first and last pyramid that I will ever "legally" be allowed to climb. It was well worth the 3 hour drive! We rented bicycles to tour the ancient city on our own.

Taxi please

After coba we wanted to checkout Punta Laguna Monkey Reserve to see some wild monkeys and repel into a cenote.
This was a much smaller cenote than I was expecting, and I have to admit, going in first was not the smartest decision. They had told me that there was a generator that would turn lights on in the cave, but as I was repelling down let me assure you, there were no lights, and I was alone in the dark, about to go into water that who knows what lives in. I was freaked out especially as I got to the bottom and a man grabbed me (purposely spooking me) to get me out of my harness. JERK!

I have to admit, doing things like these with Cameron, remind me of why I married him. We LOVE to have fun together and explore new things. I love being RISKY with him. I am too competitive to let him show me up and do something without me. So together we conquer it all. Case in point: I went into the tunnel first scared but being the brave woman that he knows (or thinks he knows) that I am

When we go out to the lake and he does a new trick off the pontoon boat, or a friends diving board I can't just let him show me up, so I have to do that same trick or come up with something better. Many times I am terrified to try it, but he doesn't know that (and will continue to not know that since he rarely reads this)

-on our honeymoon we were walking a trail and found a water fall. He proceeded to tell me someone should cliff jump. I being the rational one said "no way, that is too dangerous" and seconds later he is in the air...myself in turn, following.

-In Portugal he would walk to practice everyday, so in turn, I had to put my fear away and do the same without complaint (even if there were men doing their "thing" along the way)

-Single track mountain biking and not letting him get faster than myself even with three bee stings. Jeremy didn't quite make it down in one piece. Sorry bro.

-During our European adventure: Camping on the side of a castle, in the rain, in the mud, etc. Sleeping on our packs so not to get stolen (as if that would have stopped and burglers). Walking into who knows where exploring who knows what. Hitchhiking, breaking pieces off of the Berlin wall, walking into the middle of Nazi riots... The list here goes on and on...

-Karaoke! I hated karaoke for the longest time, and then one day, I realized, wait, I can't NOT do this if he is gonna do it. Our lives haven't been the same since. :)

There are many more, some inappropriate to share over the interwebs, but one day this competitiveness between the two of us is going to get someone hurt or arrested. And one day, he will realize that I truly am a fraidy cat and only put on this tougher than crap persona. Until then...bring it!

Day 5: We beached it up, ate good food, shopped, and karaoke-ed!

I don't remember what this place was called but they served an appetizer with tuna in avacado that was to die for.
At the end of the night our hotel set up Karaoke outside by the pool. Of course Cameron had to do his thing and I joined him in doing the Grease duo. Wow, that was a sight. It was fun, and interesteing considering we were two of about 6 tourists who spoke English at the place. Cameron of course surprised the crowd when he sang Shakira in Espanol. It was quite impressive.

Day 6: Whale sharks!
We swam with the Whale sharks! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! Coolest thing I have ever done. We had an underwater camera so we will upload pics if any of those turnout. This was the perfect activity for our last day in paradise.
This trip was amazing and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect soul mate to share it with. Here is to many more years with my sweetness!

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Trisha said...

How fun! I am completely jealous! Cancun is my favorite vacation spot but Josh hasn't been there yet. By the way, Josh will be in Augusta, GA for 3 weeks, is that close to you? I may also be flying out over a weekend to take a look. It's a possible location for us if Josh gets into a specialty program. I know Georgia is a big state, but if he's close by I'm sure he would love to see you guys. Send me an email: